Nature's Nursery
Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation & Conservation Education


   For 25 years, Nature's Nursery has been providing quality  wildlife education and conservation programming!

 Nature's Nursery is a non-profit organization receiving no tax support. Donations  and program fees allow us to continue our mission of wildlife education and rehabilitation. By scheduling a program with us, you are helping your local wildlife! Thank you for your support!
Program Information
  • We provide programs for schools, scouts, civic groups, assisted living facilities, and many more. We have a program that is right for your group!
  • All of our programming is outreach, meaning we are happy to come to you! Our facility is not designed to easily accommodate group visits or tours.
  • There is no scheduling deadline; however, the earlier you contact us, the more likely we will be able to accommodate you.
  • Programs generally last 1 hour.
  • Most programs will include 3-5 of our live education animal ambassadors and several animal artifacts (pelts, bones, feathers, etc.).
  • Program participants will most often not be able to touch the live animals per the requirements of our licensing.
  • We are not a petting zoo, nor are we providing programs strictly for entertainment value. Our programs concentrate on wildlife education and conservation. We incorporate scientific research and natural history in order to help people better understand how to safely coexist with wildlife.
Fee Structure
  • For groups of 40 people or less, the cost is $100.
  • For groups of more than 40 people, the cost is $300.
  • Mileage is added at $.56/mile outside of a 10 mile radius from our center, which is located in Whitehouse, OH.
*Alternate payment options may be available, ask the Education Coordinator for details (contact info just below).

How to Schedule a Program
  • Contact the Education Coordinator at or call 419-877-0060.

Attention Teachers

We can custom design a program to fit your classroom needs! Programs can cover almost any life science topic and will align with the new state science standards. This can serve as an excellent supplement to your classroom curriculum.

Attention Scout Leaders
We can custom design a program to meet many badge requirements for your scouts! Feel free to combine scout groups in order to make the program more affordable.

Holding an Event?
Nature's Nursery is happy to come to your community event! Contact the Education Coordinator for more information on availability, cost, and setup options;, 419-877-0060.

Our Education Animal Ambassadors 
We house a group of animals that cannot return to their home in the wild. Many of these animals are permanently injured while others were illegal pets. These animals help us educate thousands of people each year and serve as ambassadors for their own species and for wildlife everywhere. We house a variety of birds of prey, bats, reptiles, amphibians, opossums, and many more. We work with these animals year-round, rewarding positive behaviors to ensure that they will be safely and effectively presented to your group. 

Interested in learning more about how our training staff works with our animals?
 Click here to visit trainer Lara Joseph's blog.
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