Nature's Nursery
Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation & Conservation Education

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If you have found an animal that you think may need help, please call the Center at
419-877-0060. Do NOT email us about emergency situations. For questions regarding wildlife issues, you may view our
FAQs page or click here to determine whether a situation may require intervention.

Our mailing address is:

Nature's Nursery
P.O. Box 2395
Whitehouse, OH 43571

We do not publish our physical address
to avoid animals being dropped off while no one is at the office. Those animals have very little chance of surviving when we are not available. If you have an animal to bring to us please call 419-877-0060 for directions and an appointment time.

We welcome questions from the public regarding wildlife issues, and our hotline receives approximately 15,000 calls each year. While we do not do "nuisance animal removal," we may be able to help you find humane ways to deal with various situations you may encounter. Give us a call; we're happy to help!

For non-emergency questions, you may email our director at:
mailto: Please note that during our busy season (spring and summer), it may take several days for a response. We operate with a very small staff, so it's always faster to reach us by phone.

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