Original article posted on www.nbc24.com on May 28th, 2018 by Allison Peters

Spring is the mating season for many wild animals. That means it is a very active time of year the only wildlife rescue in NW Ohio.

Nature’s Nursery is a rehabilitation center for injured wild animals. The non-profit organization takes in thousands of animals throughout the course of the year feeding and fostering them back to health. The length of animals stay depends on the severity of their injury and if they will be able to thrive once released back out on their own. For those unable to return to the wild, Nature’s Nursery takes them under their wing and uses them as ambassador animals. These animals then share the spotlight in educating others about their species.

Nature’s Nursey will attend schools, adult living centers and special events to spread the word about the animals whom share the environment that we all call home. A large part of the organization’s education is on what to do when encountering an injured animal. Not all animals need attending, and the best way to assess a situation is by calling Nature’s Nursey hotline, 419-877-0060.

Four of the 15 baby screech owls rehabilitating at Nature's Nursery

Four of the 15 baby screech owls rehabilitating at Nature's Nursery

On June 3rd, Nature’s Nursery will be attending the Wildlife Festival from 1 p.m. – 4p.m. held at the Toledo Botanical Gardens. There will be kids activities, live music and around a dozen other wildlife education organizations participating in the event.